SL Diversified Printing Use Customer Focus

SL Diversified Printing Use Customer Focus

SL Diversified Print


Promotional Products and Print

Customer Focus Package:

Customer Focus Ultimate (eCommerce Website with product research, presentations & quotes)

Software previously used:

ASI & Web Jaguar

“We wanted to focus more on sales. Our previous website wasn't easy to maintain, and we were overwhelmed trying to navigate a website that wasn’t producing what we wanted. It was costing us a lot of time and money.”

Sam Liebman



Feeling overwhelmed with their previous software, SL Diversified Printing were looking for a cost-effective website that was easy to maintain.



Customer Focus’ affordable pricing combined with user-friendly company stores was exactly what SL Diversified Printing were looking for.


“Being able to give our bigger clients a private place to shop for products with their logo already pre loaded makes it a high end option that's special for them. We also love that we can sell to different markets!”

says Liebman



Since switching over to Customer Focus, SL Diversified Printing are now able to focus more on sales and less on web maintenance. As a result, they have seen a decrease in their website expenses accompanied with a significant increase in sales.

“We've had a lot of compliments on how our new site looks and feels. We've made a lot of money since switching over. It's cost saving and the automatic virtual proof has been great for us.”

concludes Liebman


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