Additional Advertising Opportunities for Suppliers

Promote Your Products Even Further

Additional advertising opportunities, exclusively for Customer Focus Suppliers.


Web Store Featured Products

There are currently over 2,365 distributor websites in North America that utilize the Customer Focus Web Store platform and this number grows every day. 

These websites have a 'Featured Products' module on the homepage which displays 7 products - the perfect opportunity to ensure that your products are top of mind with distributors' customers. 

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Customer Focus Ultimate Dashboard

The Ultimate dashboard is a distributor's business hub with a snapshot of their company performance, recent projects, tasks and featured products.

It's the screen all distributors see when they log into Ultimate, so it's a fantastic way to promote new, special offer, seasonal and best selling products. There are 4 featured products which change on a monthly basis. 


Customer Focus Ultimate Product Overview

All projects start with product research. That being said, Ultimate's Product Overview page is one of the most seen screens!

When distributors are on this screen, they're already looking for something - so if your featured product meets that criteria, you're likely to score everytime! There are 4 featured products showing with a maximum of 12 rotating. 

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