Are there too many products on your website?

Are there too many products on your website?

When it comes to your website, bigger isn't better. At least, not in terms of the number of products.

Researcher Brian Schwartz writes:

“As the number of options increases, the costs, in time and effort, of gathering the information needed to make a good choice also increase. The level of certainty people have about their choice decreases. And the anticipation that they will regret their choice increases.”*


Consider shopping at a department store compared to a boutique. Both have white polo shirts in store, but the former has so many different brands to choose from, it can be stressful and time consuming to make a selection.
Presented with fewer white polo shirts, you’ll find it easier to make a decision and have a more pleasant experience as a result.
The same applies to your website – making it easier for your customers to make a decision by reducing the number of choices is a proven means of growing sales.**
It goes further than the number of products; having too many calls to action on your home page is another no-no.
Google is the classic example of how effective having just one purpose can be; compare this to Yahoo, which is also a search engine but muddies the water by having so much content that it’s difficult to discern what their purpose is.
Our recommendation? Reduce the number of suppliers on your website to no more than 100 (one of the biggest distributors in the industry actually only has 35 suppliers on their website!), paving the way to choice without confusion.
*Source: FastCompany article: Why having too many choices is making you unhappy
**Sources: Social Triggers article | Kissmetrics article

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