Are you getting 25% revenues from online sales?

Are you getting 25% revenues from online sales?

According to Counselor Magazine, distributors with eCommerce operations are now earning an average of 25% of revenues through online sales; looking at PPAI’s research, online sales are growing by approx. 5% per year.

If your website isn’t significantly contributing to your bottom line, ask yourself these questions:

Does your marketing and your website match?

If you’re sending out marketing messages about sunglasses and beach towels, or calendars and Christmas gifts, you should be providing links back to your website so people can purchase these items.

Don’t just send them to your home page – create a page on your website which repeats the messages in your email marketing, and has a selection of relevant products.

Are you giving customers a good enough reason to buy?

Everyone loves a bargain, so pass on those EQP offers to your customers by putting selected items on sale. Or offering free shipping on orders over $500. Or 10% extra free.

Whatever you decide, make sure that your offer is clearly explained and displayed on your home page.

Do you appear credible?

A badly designed website puts 94% of customers off purchasing from you* – so it’s essential that your website looks professionally designed.

Ask your friends, family, customers etc. to be honest with you about whether they would buy from your website if they didn’t know anything about you as an individual – and if you need to change things up, consider getting a professional web designer involved.

Do you have supporting evidence?

By this we mean customer reviews, testimonials, a blog, FAQs, detailed ‘About Us’ page, social media, credit card and security symbols.

Again this is about building credibility – the more effort you put into these areas, the more likely potential customers are to place their trust in you as a promotional products provider. It also has the added benefit of giving your search engine rankings a boost, too!

*Source: InstantShift

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