Five things that will kill your promotional products website

Five things that will kill your promotional products website

Five things that will kill your website

Most promotional product distributors have a website, but just having one isn't enough. It needs to be easy to find when people look for what you sell, and it needs to function well when they visit it.

We get a lot of calls from distributors whose sites sit there, not generating inquiries or orders, not helping them grow. Here's typically why they're falling short:

1. No landing pages

Landing pages are pages on your website dedicated to capturing customer information. It's done by adding a simple data capture form to the page (name, company, email is usually sufficient).

Landing pages are important because they convert random browsers about whom you know nothing, into prospects.

If you do any advertising, it's best practise to include a link to a landing page rather than your home page, because you can tailor the message to match the advert, and, because of the data capture form, you'll get qualified leads rather than just visitors to your site. 

You can add unlimited landing pages to your Customer Focus website.

2. No shopping cart

Promotional products aren't always easy to sell online. You've got multiple sizes, print areas, methods and colors, and it's probable that some orders will always involve a call and several emails to get right. 

However, with some distributors reporting 25% of revenues coming from eCommerce sales, it's demonstrably possible to sell branded pens, mugs, bags and t-shirts online!

Customer Focus makes this easy. Most products have full additional costs (if they're plain stock, you can add your own decorating costs), and our websites have shipping and sales tax calculators built in.

The fact is, if you don't offer this option, some potential customers will just find a distributor who does. Here's how it works if you have a promotional products website from Customer Focus.

3. No social media

If most of your customers were going to visit an exhibition, you'd be there too - right? Think of social media in the same way.

There's a very good chance your customers are on Facebook (1.28bn monthly active users and counting) and LinkedIn. You need to be where they are, posting content that's funny or helpful, liking and commenting on their content, and creating a sense of community.

Linking your website to your social media accounts provides proof that you're an active, engaging business - and will inspire purchasing confidence.

4. No original content

Search engines have to make a decision about whose website to show at the top of the results pages when someone searches for 'promotional products'. What makes them show 4imprint, Staples and Vernon above your site?

A key factor is original content - content you have written yourself. A lot of distributors never put any original content on their websites, so Google treats them all as one homogenous blob and puts them all to the bottom of the results.

Your search engine results will sky-rocket if you start to add your own content.

Some places to get started: your 'About Us' page; pages for particular niches you work with; frequently asked questions; your blog (speaking of which...).

5. No blog

A blog is the perfect way to add original content to your website! 

Blog posts are not a formal essay; write from the heart about topics you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

Posts should appear on your website - Customer Focus websites have an integrated blog function so that's easy to achieve; if you choose an external blog site like WordPress you can use the RSS Reader module to post excerpts from your blog on to your website, with a 'read more' link.

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