How to keep customers coming back for more

How to keep customers coming back for more

It’s a much repeated adage that it costs a lot more to win new customers than it does to retain existing ones – and if you’re not convinced, this article on has some compelling statistics to back the theory up.

When you’re selling promotional products, unless you’re dealing with super big clients and sourcing custom made items, you’re pretty much selling the same thing as every other distributor out there.

So what can you do to foster customer loyalty?

Connect on social media

Every time our sales reps forge a new contact, they try to find and connect with that person on Facebook and LinkedIn. If they’re successful, they’ll send them a quick message to acknowledge the courtesy.

Anticipate their needs

Provided lanyards for an exhibition? There’s a good chance they’ll benefit from related merchandise within six months. Or that they might want to offer staff recognition plaques at the end of the financial year. A CRM system like Customer Focus is a great way to make sure you're offering timely and appropriate suggestions.

Give back

Offering your best customers a discount on a popular product once in a while is a great way to add value. Equally if you read an article which you think might be beneficial to them, send them the link.

Always be available, both personally and via a company store

If you don’t want to invest in a company store, put a page on your website that features hand-selected merchandise, allowing them to order any time.

Don’t neglect the personal touch

In an electronic age, a handwritten note goes far further than an email. Moreover you might put ideas into your customers’ heads that they could deploy the same tactic.

Handle problems ethically and efficiently

Things will go wrong from time to time; deliveries will be delayed, colors won’t match, the imprint might be poor quality. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and do what you must to bring their customer experience round. You might make a loss on one order, but will gain in the long run – particularly when they share their positive experience with their network.

Here’s a useful infographic from Zendesk to give you some more ideas.

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