What it means to 'be' your brand

What it means to 'be' your brand

What the big brands are doing rightWhat's the first word that comes to mind when you think of Bang & Olufsen? For some, it's quality. Apple? Innovation. Volkswagen? Reliability.

The reason some brands are able to stimulate an instant response is because of consistency. Regardless of where you look, their websites, social media, stores and staff share the same approach.

Of course they also have huge marketing budgets, but there's only so far a slick advertising campaign will take you if the rest of your customer 'touch points' don't follow suit.

Even the smallest business needs to have similar consistency over brand values, because without it you will be giving out mixed messages, and missing opportunities to build trust with your clients.

Decide what your brand values are, and be prepared to live by them.

For example, professionalism, expertise, stability. To 'be' your brand is to demonstrate these values in every aspect of your professional - and even personal - life.

They should form part of the mission statement on your promotional products website - that's the easy part!

When you or any member of your team answer the phone, they should be representing your brand values. 

The content of your email marketing. How you conduct yourself at networking events. Even your Facebook updates should enhance, rather than detract from, your brand.

How to tell if it's working!

Ask your team if they could describe YOUR company in three words. Then ask a handful of customers the same. If their perception is in keeping with your brand values, you're on the road to success!

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