When product descriptions go bad...

When product descriptions go bad...

As a promotional products distributor you can easily furnish your website with 100,000s of products from reputable, trusted suppliers. So how could that be a bad thing? Well...

1. Their product descriptions might suck,

2. Regardless of how well written they are, they are the same on every single distributor website out there.

Let’s look at what a good product description should include (thank you to Shopify for these suggestions):

Benefits, not features

Don’t say ‘plastic pen with clip’. Say ‘affordable plastic pen with a handy clip to hold your pen to books, binders, shirts and more.’ Don’t say ‘screen printed’. Say ‘screen printed to reproduce your message in bright, long lasting color’.

Justified hype

Avoid using superlatives unless they’re justified – ‘this best in class USB stick’ is ONLY acceptable if it really is best in class, and you go on to say why it’s best in class.

Meaningful descriptions

Try not to trot out tired phrases like ‘top quality’ or ‘easy to use’. They’re so over-used they’re meaningless. Get into the detail of the product to start to really pull out the unique selling points.

Engaging content

Be inventive – put yourself in the shoes of your ideal buyer and tell their story. “Jerry runs a camping and outdoor shop, and found these carabiner keychains to be the perfect giveaway at a local expo.”

Now take a look at the descriptions of the products on your website and see if you really think they’re hitting the mark.

Changing product descriptions on your website will benefit you two-fold.

Firstly, when customers view the products, they’re going to be more inclined to buy because of your detailed, seductive product description.

Secondly, search engines like Google will promote your website in the search engine rankings when someone searches for those products, because you’ll be seen as unique.

We’re not suggesting that you change every single product description – but start with your best sellers and just keep going at it, five a day.

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