Proforma DVE Global Marketing

Proforma DVE Global Marketing

Proforma DVE Global Marketing


Promotional Products

Customer Focus Package:

Customer Focus Standard (eCommerce Website with product research, presentations & quotes)

Software previously used:


“Proforma was previously using ASI, and that was a disaster. ASI couldn’t figure out what they were doing, nothing worked. And it cost us two big customers because the functionality on the site was not responsive.”

Dick Gray



When Proforma DVE Global Marketing, a distributor who provides brand management solutions, found themselves with a promotional website that generated zero traffic, they began seeking a solution that was consumer-friendly, responsive and tailored to their specific needs. They needed support from a team that was both reliable and knowledgeable.



With a proven track record and user-friendly capabilities, Proforma sought the guidance of Customer Focus. Our team created a responsive, customized website for Proforma DVE Global Marketing.


“Our new Customer Focus website has helped with our exposure. We’re looking forward to doing more business with Customer Focus as we continue to expand.”

says Gray



Proforma DVE Global Marketing found Customer Focus to be knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond to all of their inquiries.

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