Easy Store Designer

Easy Company Store Designer


Spin a fully branded store in seconds

When you want to create a company store for a client, Customer Focus offers the quickest and most intuitive set up process.

Watch our video to see how in real time, you can create a company store complete with your client's logo on every product, in less than a minute.

Once the website's created you can make as many edits as you like. 


Great looking turnkey templates

We make a big deal about how easy it is to customize our company store websites, but if you don't have time to make changes, don't worry.

Our turnkey templates look fantastic 'out of the box', and there are themes to suit pretty much any corporate style.

Just choose your template and color scheme when you create your site, and Customer Focus builds the website for you.


Intuitive content management with drag 'n' drop

If we had to choose one aspect of Customer Focus that leaves the competition in the dust, it would be ease of use. Promotional product distributors tell us that our content manager is the most intuitive they've ever seen, and because it's so easy, they get creative!

When a tool is as fun and rewarding as a Customer Focus website, making changes isn't a chore - it's something to look forward to.


Easily match your client's corporate identity

Whether you've already won the business, or you're setting up a company store as part of a sales pitch for a full promotional products program, making sure that the website matches their existing branding is critical. It shows that you're dialled into their needs and prepared to exceed their expectations.

In your Customer Focus website, simply head to the Appearance section to adjust the color scheme, layout and branding in a matter of minutes.


Customizing product detail view

You can pick and choose what information appears on products, and where it appears, to tailor the purchasing experience to your client. You can also add content to product pages, for example an 'ask me about this product' form, or suggestions of other promotional merchandise they might like.

It's also useful if you need to communicate specific order instructions or display logo choices. 

Customizing product detail view