Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM helps you exceed your customers' expectations


Maximise every opportunity with intuitive task management

Your Customer Focus dashboard shows you a snap shot of your business performance, including your most urgent tasks. Tasks are either customer or supplier related, or personal. They can be follow up calls, appointments, reminders; they can show personal engagements and meetings.

You'll always see the most urgent task at the top of the list; clicking 'View All' shows you all tasks, both for yourself and other members of your team. It's a simple but effective means of ensuring you never drop the ball.

Opportunity Management
Marketing segmentation

Segment your database with marketing tags

When you market to your clients, send them promotions that will appeal to them. Is an education facility going to be interested in golf tees? Probably not, and you risk having them unsubscribe if you're not more targeted.

That's where marketing tags come in. You can segment your customer database by size and industry, by how you acquired their details (i.e. networking event, exhibition), and even their likes and dislikes. Then you can export mailing lists based on this criteria, rather than assuming one size fits all.


Record all touch points with your customers

Touch points relates to any time you interacted with your customer; a telephone call, email, quote. Having all of this recorded against the customer account gives you incredible insight into their needs, significant events, whether they're price sensitive and more.

Armed with this information you can proactively recommend products for an exhibition or promotion, anticipating their needs before they start shopping around.

Touch points
Reactivate Sales Report

The key to reactivating accounts

This beautifully simple report shows you any customer who hasn't ordered from you within the last three, six or 12 months. The report gives you their name, telephone, primary telephone number and email, and can be exported as a spreadsheet for email marketing.

Or simply print it off, and call through the list, because when all's said and done, a telephone call is one of the most effective ways to engage with your clients.