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Beautiful Website Design

Distributor websites which wow your customers


The most flexible design templates in the industry

94% of people cite design as a reason they don't trust certain websites*; they can tell the difference between a cookie cutter website that you've never customized, and a regularly updated, unique website which reflects your corporate branding.

Customer Focus websites are so easy to customize that you can almost do it with your hands tied behind your back. Review our distributor template options here.


Banner Graphics

Over 600 banner graphics to target your best performing niches

When your customers visit your website, is it obvious what you want them to do? You need clear calls to action to get people to explore your website e.g. 'browse best sellers' or 'see our corporate apparel range here'. Banner graphics are a great way to achieve this, and Customer Focus has over 600 for you to choose from.

From medical to mugs, automotive to apparel, there's something for most categories and industries. See them here.


Drag 'n' drop content management that's as easy as breathing

If you can click your mouse and move it, you can customize your Customer Focus website. You want your side bar navigation on the right? Just move it over. Want it on the top as well? Just add the module to the header.

You're not bound by template restrictions with Customer Focus - you're in control of what goes where, and it's so simple to do.

Photo Galleries

The best way to display photos of the work you've done 

When you have photos of embroidered polo shirts, branded bears and embossed diaries to share, use the Photo Album functionality to give them real impact. Upload any size image to your album, then add the album to a page.

The photos will all display with consistently sized thumbnails, and when you click on one, you'll see the full size image as part of a slide show.


Messed up your home page? Revisions to the rescue!

All of the content on your Customer Focus website can be edited, hidden or deleted, and from time to time, you're probably going to delete something that, on reflection, you'd like back. Revisions are available on every page of your website and allow you to 'roll back' to a previously saved version.

You also have a 'preview' function before you publish changes, so go ahead and try things out!

Promotional Product Website Revisions