Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Stores

  1. Are there SEO functions?
    The website system is SEO-friendly and has SEO functionality built into it.  There are several ways you can build upon the SEO on the sites.  You can create or link a blog, create unlimited landing pages, insert and create your own products, or link in an RSS feed to the site.

  2. Can I add my own products?
    Yes, you can create your own products from scratch and add any customization and product images that you want.  You can also copy products already in the system, make them your own unique product, and then make quick changes.

  3. Can I have my own suppliers?
    Yes, you can add your own suppliers. You can also limit the suppliers on the site very easily as well as rank suppliers, so customers see products from a certain supplier first.

  4. Can I control what suppliers are feeding into my site?
    Yes, you can limit the site to just the supplier products that you want on the site.

  5. Do you have supplier product catalogs?
    Yes, we carry over 270 suppliers with about 300,000 products and up.

  6. Can I have real-time inventory from suppliers?
    We have real time inventory for Hit, Alpha Broder, and Bodek and Rhodes.

  7. Can I do Virtual Samples?
    Yes, the system creates a virtual sample automatically when a customer uploads a logo to the website.

  8. Can I set up tax codes?
    Yes, it comes with tax codes built in based on zip-code, but further tax codes and be added to the table.

  9. Can I set up shipping tables?
    You can set up shipping at a flat cost, at either a rate or percentage amount.

  10. Can I create coupon codes?
    Yes, you can create coupons for customers and they can be tailored to specific purchase amounts and be created as percentage or flat discount.

  11. Can I create custom product categories?
    Yes, you can create any product category that you want and tie that into certain products or you can change the names of the categories already in the system.

  12. Can I create password-protected pages?
    Yes, you can password protect both pages and the entire web-site.

  13. Is there a limit to how many pages I can have on my website?
    No, there is no limit. You can add unlimited pages to the website.

  14. Can I have a blog with my website?
    Yes, you can create your own blog on the site.

  15. Can I add and customize forms?
    You can create any form that you want on the system with your own questions or fields. You can give customers the option of typing in answers, choosing from a drop-down, or check-boxes. You can also create your own inquiry form.

  16. Can the site integrate social media?
    Yes, you can add social media links to the site. There is a Facebook box module that you can add that shows current likes and followers. There are also third-party systems that we can easily add that allow customers to see the number of likes on your products.

  17. Can I manipulate the site easily?
    Yes, the site operates similarly to a Wordpress system.  It’s mostly going to be a drag and drop system.  You can change colors on the site and add your own images to the pages.  You can dive into it more and add your own CSS, JAVA, or HTML as well.

  18. Can I upload my own banners?
    Yes, you can upload as many banners as you’d like and create animated banner campaigns.

  19. Can I add a calendar of dates?
    You can put a calendar on a page and when a customer hovers over highlighted data, they’ll be directed to a page that indicates what the importance of that date is.

  20. Can I integrate with Google maps?
    Yes, you can predefine the address that a customer sees on the page, and then they can input their address to get directions.

  21. Are there Email auto responders? Can they be customized?
    Yes, when a customer places an order or inquiry, they will automatically get an email. You can edit this email to your specifications as well.

  22. Are there reporting capabilities?
    You can pull a full report of all the orders and inquires that have come through your site. Additional reporting is available via our Customer Focus Ultimate platform.

  23. Can I add my own product customizations? (Attributes, decoration methods)
    Yes, you can create any customization in the system and it can then be added to any product.

  24. Can I export orders (html, excel)?
    Yes, you can pull a report of all orders and manipulate this data for your own use.

  25. Can the site integrate live chat?
    Yes, a third party chat system can be easily added to the site, usually by adding in the chat systems JAVA and HTML coding.

  26. Are your websites mobile friendly?
    We offer a responsive design option but our standard templates are not currently mobile optimized. We are working on it!

  27. Can I add multiple users?
    Yes, you can have multiple users and managers on the backend of the system.

  28. Can I redirect the URL?
    Yes, a redirect can go from your own URL to our site and your customer will only see that URL, not the clickpromo subdomain.

  29. Can I have negotiated/contract pricing for different stores for the same item?
    Yes, you can set different price structures for different products, categories, or suppliers.

  30. Can I have the same style/product number in a different color in different stores?
    Yes, you can add and edit any of the products that you want.

  31. Do the website integrate with Google Analytics?
    Yes, the websites do integrate with Google Analytics.

  32. Can I add company stores easily?
    Yes, you can create company stores in literally seconds, and customization is intuitive.

  33. Do you have helpsheet, FAQs, webinars, and other support capabilities?
    Yes, each website comes with unlimited support with our team. We also have a number of resources such as webinars, FAQs, help videos, etc. You can always call, email, or livechat any of our support specialists.