Requesting and accepting payment made easy


Create invoices from orders with one click

As much as you love being a promotional products distributor, all that hard work is for nothing if you don't get paid! Using Customer Focus, you can raise invoices off the back of sales orders, or bypass the quote / sales processes to go straight to invoicing.

Any edits you made to your order are passed through to the invoice, which you can brand with your client's logo and even Virtual Sample enabled images of their order. Then simply email them a PDF straight from Customer Focus.

One click invoices
Automatic Tax Calculator

Get it right every time with the sales tax calculator

Customer Focus calculates sales tax based on your location and the client's ship to location, but you can also set up sales tax codes by city, county and state if you choose.

Similarly, Customer Focus will assume that your customer should be taxed based on their location, while giving you the option to over-ride this, either on a case by case basis, or on the customer's account.


Track payments and credits by customer, sales rep or status

The Sales Invoice Overview shows you invoices and credit notes, sorted by number, date, status or value. You can narrow down your results to a specific customer, sales rep or type (invoice or credit note). This makes it easy to see any invoices that haven't yet been paid, and to monitor part payments, cancellations and credit notes.

The same information can be viewed against each customer's account, allowing you to identify your most valuble customers.

Track payments and credits
Customer payment terms

Set up customer specific payment terms

Within each customer record you can set up what currency they should be billed in, payment terms and default sales tax. You can also record whether you allow payment on account, or require payment upfront.

Flagging a customer as ceased trading removes them from your active customer view; flagging them as On Hold means that you'll be alerted every time you generate a quote or order for that client. Put simply, Customer Focus manages all of your key business processes, seamlessly.