Privacy Screen

Company Store Privacy Screen

Prevent non-approved purchases


Optional site registration before shopping

Our company store platform offers a flexible, site wide privacy option, which, when activated, insists that users register for an account before they can access the site content.

You can choose whether to auto-approve registered users or manually select them, and you can also export the user list as a spreadsheet.


Make individual pages password protected

In addition, or instead of making your whole company store private, you can also make individual pages password protected.

So if you wanted to feature a page of merchandise only available to a small group of customers, you can make that page only accessible when a password is entered.

There's a second way of doing this, which is to have a quick registration form that on submission redirects your clients to an otherwise hidden page.


Lay out the welcome mat for your customers

Having a privacy screen doesn't have to mean your clients' first view of your website is an 'enter password' prompt! With Customer Focus you can customize your landing page for private sites, explaining what you want users to do, and even adding graphics and promotional messages.

It's altogether a better customer experience when shopping for promotional products.