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Identify your most profitable relationships

Customer Focus' business intelligence suite has dozens of pre-configured reports so that you can better manage your business - and among the most useful are the Journal reports on orders and invoices. Set your criteria by date range, sales rep or customer, and you can see at a glance order profit and gross margin.

If you follow the Pareto Principle, you'll want to know who your top 20% of customers are - and Customer Focus makes that transparent.

Identify your most profitable relationships
Sales team performance

Manage your - and your team's - sales performance

See how many quotes you're converting to orders, by month or year to date, to make sure you're keeping on target. Review sales by company or by representative, including order profit and gross margin.

Reporting on Customer Focus is so easy; just choose your parameters, and review the report on screen before exporting to Excel, or emailing as a PDF.


Stay on top of supplier shipments

The 'Purchase Orders due for Delivery' report keeps you in control of scheduled deliveries, allowing you to keep your customers better informed, and get paid faster.

You can also review Supplier Performance - see all purchases from a single supplier, with the promised delivery date and the actual shipping date recorded - helping build trust with your preferred suppliers.

Stay on top of shipments
Maximize opportunities

Improve your quote to order conversion

With Customer Focus you can easily review all outstanding quotes by this month, last month, or year to date. Remember that it takes on average six calls to close a sale - but most sales people never make more than one. Calling through this list regularly is a great way to make sure you're staying top of mind with your customer.

You can also review quote conversions by rep and date range, helping you identify your star performers, and who needs a little encouragement.


Measure and manage your total business performance

Every area of Customer Focus has its own set of pre-built reports; you simply select your criteria (date range, operative, customer etc.) and you'll see a preview on screen, with the option to export or email the report.

From customers and prospects through to sales invoice income, Customer Focus gives you complete transparency over your performance. And what you can measure, you can manage!


Measure business success