Sales & Purchase Orders

Sales and Purchase Orders

Work smarter with streamlined order processing


One click conversion from quote to order

When you've spent time getting a presentation or quote just right, you don't want to have to repeat the exercise when you get the order! Using Customer Focus you can convert quotes to orders with one click, and any price adjustments etc. you made to the quote will copy over to the new document. 

Of course it remains completely editable - you can add or remove products, change prices, and switch logos.

Convert quotes to order in one click
Decorator Matrix on VISION

The most effective way to add additional costs to apparel

The Decorator Matrix takes all of the legwork out of applying screen, embroidery, and heat press costs to presentations, quotes and orders. You simply add your decorator costs into Customer Focus' settings, then they'll be available for you to apply to any product.

When purchase orders are created, Customer Focus sets the delivery address as the decorator, and creates a second PO for the decorator so that they can ship to your client. It's fast, accurate and fool proof.


Order acknowledgments look great with embedded Virtual Samples

Using integrated Virtual Samples from Technologo, you can add your client's logo to every product on your sales order with one click. But wait - what if it's a black logo on a black polo? No problem. The Logo Manager makes it easy for you to change the color of your logo, and pick the products to which to apply the revised version.

It's little touches like these that show your clients how much you value their business - and makes it that much more likely they'll order from you again.

Virtual Sample enabled orders
One click purchase orders

Save time and reduce errors with back to back purchase orders

Once you've created an order in Customer Focus, it takes just one click to create all of the corresponding purchase orders. Make any edits you need, then simply email the POs directly to the supplier from Customer Focus.

One of the reports in Customer Focus lets you see what's due to be delivered, and once you have confirmation you can record shipping date, quantity and tracking numbers for future reference.


Generate batched purchase orders to get better pricing

Whether you need to hit a higher minimum order quantity, or just want to group your orders so that you get a better price, batching purchase orders is the way forward.

It's so simple - any orders for which a purchase order hasn't already been created are listed on screen. Just select all, or choose a particular supplier, to create a single batched PO for all sales orders.

Creating batched purchase orders
Trade Only VISION Job Board

Project management made easy with the color coded job board

All orders can be managed through the Customer Focus job board, an at-a-glance view of the status of all current jobs. Sort by status - PO Sent, Shipped, Invoiced etc. - by target date, or sales rep.

Review the key project details, and click through to see any quote, order, PO or invoice relating to the job. It's perfect for keeping on top of multiple projects, ensuring that you deliver exceptional customer service every time.