Sending Supplier Data

Sending Supplier Data

Use our file upload service to send us your promotional products catalog

How to use the service

Complete the fields on the below table and click 'Choose File' to upload your data. The maximum file size is 2GB.

Product Data Guidelines

One of the key benefits of using Customer Focus software and websites for distributors is the quality of the product data we provide. This enables them to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, reduces administration time, and even enables online sales.
We actively incentivize suppliers to provide us with the best quality data possible by giving each product record a 'score'. You accrue 'points' for providing full additional cost information, such as set up and delivery; carton quantity, dimensions and more. The more points your products score, the higher they will appear on search engine results. There is no 'paid for placement' on Customer Focus.
Our data entry team will be able to advise you on how to get the best possible point score for your products, but a good way to start is to use our product data template.

Image Guidelines

  • We would like to receive Jpeg images
  • Minimum of 800 pixels x 800 pixels
  • Minimum of 300 DPI
  • 1 Product per picture (no group product shots will be displayed as it hinders the ability to show a clear virtual sample)
  • White background
  • 1 Picture per product color. E.g. if your product is available in 5 colors, provide us with 5 images – 1 per color. Ideally these should all be in the same orientation. They can be supplied with or without an imprint pictured.
By following these recommendations, your customers can search for your products, locate the actual color they require, zoom in to check detail and add a logo to see a perfect on-screen visual! Not to mention that your products will score more points in our system ensuring that they naturally appear higher in searches.
Don’t delay; send us your images today to start seeing the benefit.