Shipping / Tax Calculator

Shipping / Tax Calculator

So you can show the full and final price online


How our company stores manage shipping costs

Our shipping charge table lets you set up as many shipping methods as you like - 1 day, 2 days, ground - with the option to display these choices to the client at checkout.

The value of the shipping charge can be a flat rate, or a percentage of the value of the order, and you can set up bands of pricing, for example 10% on orders under $500, 6% on orders over $1000. Although simple, it's highly effective!


Automatic tax calculator - just set it up and forget about it

Customer Focus' tax calculator looks up the official rates automatically, so all you need to do is add in the states for which you're eligible, and the website will take care of the rest for you.

It's displayed as a separate line item for transparency and ease of reporting.