Receive Online Orders

Receive Online Orders

Add a shopping cart to your website and grow sales


The trick to selling promotional products online is...

Full additional cost information. It's as simple as that! Without having set up, print color and print method options, you can't present a full and final price to your client online; instead you'll resort to disclaimers. Being surprised by unexpected costs is a big turnoff for shoppers - they'll just abandon your site and go elsewhere.

Customer Focus' promotional product data feed includes full additional costs wherever possible, so you can give your customers the option to buy online.

Additional Costs are esssential for online sales
Automatic Tax Calculator

Sales tax made simple with the automatic tax calculator

Customer Focus makes tax calculation worry free; simply add into the Site Manager which states you're eligible for tax, and the website will do the math for you. It's broken out as a separate line for ease of reporting and customer transparency.

Customer Focus is linked to a live, official database of tax codes so there's no cause for concern when tax rates change, either.



Get the metaphorical cash registers ringing by offering a time bound discount on your website. Free shipping for orders over $500, or a 10% discount for first time buyers - Customer Focus' coupon codes make incentives easy.

Apply coupons to specific products and categories, or base it on the value of the order; you can discount the item, the whole order, or the shipping.

Coupon codes
Secure online payment with PayPal and

Secure online payment via PayPal or

Credit card security is always a hot topic - and rightly so! With Customer Focus you're in safe hands, as transactions are securely processed through either PayPal or

Both have processing fees of around 2.10%, a small price to pay for peace of mind that your clients' credit card details are secure. We'd always suggest including the logos of these highly respected Payment Service Providers on your website to boost purchasing confidence.


Multiple payment options including on account, and on collection

There are three payment methods in Customer Focus; via credit card, on account, or payment on collection, if you have a bricks and mortar store. You can choose any or all of these options, giving your clients the choice at checkout.

Orders received with full payment are recorded separately from orders on account, so it's always easy to tell when payment's been made.

On Account or Payment on Collection options
The shipping calculator on STORE

How we handle shipping costs

Distributors have struggled with this one for years; how to show a single price when a client's ordered four products from four different suppliers, each of whom have four warehouse locations. The shipping charge table is an easy answer!

Usually based on the value of the order, using the shipping table you can offer multiple options (1 day, 2 day, ground) and either charge a flat rate, or a percentarge of the value of the order. It's tried and tested and works beautifully.