Simple Product Sourcing

Simple Product Sourcing

Your product research needs, met


All of your favorite suppliers, quality checked and fully integrated

Customer Focus' product research comes fully loaded with leading suppliers' catalogs. It's at your fingertips, regularly updated and quality checked, so you can be confident that you're presenting accurate information to your clients.

A list of current suppliers is available here. If your preferred supplier is missing, let us know and we'll reach out to them to get them on board!


Intuitive search tools and user-friendly filters

It's easy to locate the perfect promotional product or apparel item using Customer Focus. Our short video shows how you can search by keyword, color, price, lead time and more, and then further filter your results by supplier and/or category.

You can also create lists of preferred suppliers, ensuring that you order from suppliers with whom you already have an account. Uniquely, Customer Focus makes it easy for you to search by QCA accredited suppliers, so if you're looking for full supply chain compliance, that's a great place to start.


The World's best Virtual Sample technology - including 360 spin!

Customer Focus uses Technologo to deliver the most realistic Virtual Samples available. Using this amazing resource you can upload a client's logo once, and see it on all items, instantly.

Several thousand images are also available with 360 spin - so you can send a link to your client showing them their branded product from every angle! This helps your clients visualize their product without the need for a physical sample, helping you close more sales, faster.

VISION features live inventory from suppliers

Respond faster with live inventory by color, size and location

Customer Focus is linked to alphabroder, Hit Promotional Products and Bodek and Rhodes' product databases in real time, allowing you to see at any time what's in stock and where.

How  great to be able to tell your customer "yes we can do that" without having to get back to them after checking with the supplier? That's the power of live inventory.