Virtual Samples

Virtual Samples on your Website

The ultimate client engagement device


Increased loyalty, sales and referrals - what's not to like?

Forrester Research proves that engaged customers buy more, spend more, and take less time to do so.*

Interactive images are the most effective way of making your website more engaging, and that's where Virtual Samples come in. Your clients upload their logo once and see it on all products - instantly.

*Source: Measuring The Total Economic Impact of Customer Engagement - Forrester Consulting

Instant Virtual Samples
The Logo Locker

Store logos for easy retrieval in the Logo Locker

When your customers upload logos to your website, they're saved in a Logo Locker, tied to their log in details. So every time they visit your site, they can review any logo previously added.

The Logo Locker also includes an intuitive Logo Manager, where you can make color changes and edit transparency.

This is a great feature for organizations with several brands, and very effective on company stores.