Your Choice of Suppliers

Your Choice of Suppliers

100,000s of products to choose from, or add your own


Make your selections from the industry's top suppliers

Offer your customers 50 white polo shirts and they have choice without confusion; offer them 5,000 and they'll need more help from you to narrow that down. Make it easy for them by streamlining your product range!

With Customer Focus, you can choose to hide, show or make preferred over 300 suppliers' catalogs, secure in the knowledge that all products are up to date and eCommerce ready.

Top Suppliers in the Promotional Product Industry
Edit Product Details

Edit products to tailor them to your clients

Suppliers' product descriptions are great, but they're the same on just about every distributor website out there. When you want to show that you're the leader of the pack, editing product descriptions sets you apart and lets you bring in key words that will make it easier for your customers to search your site.

You can also edit titles, product codes, categories and pricing for complete control.


Add your own products and suppliers from any source

If you've got a supplier you want to keep to yourself, or you're building a company store with inventoried merchandise, you can add them to your website using our intuitive Add Products wizard. It has a 'Use this information for the next product' option, too, which saves a bunch of time if you're adding lots of apparel.

If, however, you want your supplier's catalog to be uploaded to Customer Focus' master database, just let us know and we'll reach out to them.

Add your own products and suppliers to STORE
Custom Price Lists - Sell Price Control

Custom price lists by category, supplier or product

If you get special pricing from a supplier, Sell Price Control makes it easy for you to pass those savings on to your customers. Just pick a supplier, category, or individual product, and you can adjust the profit margin with one click.

Although selling promotional products means fostering great relationships, being competitively priced on your website will bring more opportunities your way.


I'd like that, and that, and that...

Promotional products are fun and engaging products to buy and sell, so tap into that enthusiasm by letting your customers build 'wish lists' of their favorite merchandise.

My Favorites is available to all returning customers on your website; they can add to it just by clicking on the 'Add to Favorites' icon on any product, and order directly from their list. It'll help them prioritize their merchandise needs and encourage repeat orders.

My Favorites